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A smart investment

Your website is where you can control everything about how your company is represented. Social media is not a replacement. They are mutually beneficial. Social media's main objective is to keep the users engaged with the social media company's services. You are just their product. A website is different. It is your place to advertise everything that your brand represents without limits or bounds. 

They are an investment in time and money. It is worth it.

Some Websites We Have Done

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Starting at $2k

After 30+ sites in 2022, we have a formula:

From initial conversation to triumphant launch, 
we expertly guide your web dreams to vivid reality.


Let's talk and make sure we are a good fit. There is nothing worse than wasting time, if we do not see things the same.

Envision the site

We have decided to go ahead. It is time to discuss features and set a price. We will establish goals and ways they will be accomplished. 

Time to Get Working

A design will start to be made. You will have access to it. We will start to build the site with lots of feedback from you to make sure it is going the way you want.

Final Build & Testing

Once all the back and forth has been exhausted, and we are all happy. We will do a final polish and ask for final approval. 

Launch & Service

Once everything is done, it's time to launch! We cut the big digital ribbon and set our creation free!

Our Process & Key Web Design Technologies

Meadowlark IT's approach: Do whatever it takes to deliver a high-quality website that fulfill the clients' needs, quickly and cost effectively.

Simply put; we will get the job done. We will not stop until we are all happy with the final product. 


WordPress is a powerful tool we use to create interactive and user maintainable websites quickly and inexpensively. 

Artificial Intelligence

Like WordPress, AI is an incredibly powerful tool. We use it to create sites otherwise unachievable by a small team. 

Hard Code

Hard-coding is still supreme in terms of stability and boundless designs. We create it using traditional techniques and AI.

Website Maintenance Plans

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