Go to: https://www.fosshub.com/Caesium-Image-Compressor.html

Click this link:

Save somewhere on computer:

Click download to open Installer:

Ignore warning and run installer:

Go threw wizard (agree to everything and leave all options default):

Finish and launch:

Now you are in the program:

Time to compress the files. Click on this button:

Now browse the computer and select files. You can select one or many at once:

When you hit open, the images will show up in the program:

Now select where you would like the compressed pictures to be output.

Select one of three options.

In this example we will put the output pictures in a new folder within the original directory called “compressed”.

Click the “…” to start:

Navigate to the directory where the pictures are from:

Right Click → New → Folder. Named “compressed”

Highlight and select folder:

You will see the new folder selected in the program:

Now you are ready to compress! Leave all settings as they default unless you want to experiment:

Now hit the tiny “Compress!” button:

Now it will run and compress all the pictures that are in the list. When complete you will see this message:

You can see how much the photos were reduced in size:

Now if done compressing, close the program. Then navigate to the original directory of the pictures to see your new “compressed” folder:

Now open the compressed version and the original to compare:

That’s all folks! You have compressed your images and they are ready to be used on the web!

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